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Commercial Water Damage

When water invades your business, call (562) 340-6282 for a response from our team.

How much difference is there between residential water damage clean-up protocols and commercial jobs?

They are opposites, safety and health codes may differ, though we are licensed and are ready to attack any commercial water or fire damage situation.

At Enterprise Long Beach Damage & Restoration, we understand the subtleties of restoring buildings to health and our methods for dealing with these jobs–when compared to residential sites we service–is as different as night and day.

  • Honoring our commitment, our 24/7 emergency response company uses special testing equipment to determine the toxicity of the water infiltrating commercial property. We are prompt, prepared and we don’t cut corners because the health of everyone working in a building depends on our ability to be thorough.
  • Floodwaters may contain everything from bacteria and soil to oil and heavy metals. Once we assess the mix of contaminants, we bring in industrial water removal equipment followed by drying and dehumidifying machines designed to handle big jobs like office buildings in need of being restored to a healthy clean environment.
  • Once water removal and drying are complete, we address the issues of wet electrical and mechanical systems, consulting with building owners and managers to arrive at a game plan that pairs restoration of salvageable installations with the removal of infrastructure that must be addressed by electricians, plumbers and specialists.
  • Throughout the process, we conduct safety checks. Even if water is confined to floor surfaces only, we may recommend removing at least 12-inches of drywall and/or paneling abutting the floor (plus decorative trim) that can hide water intrusion into porous drywall. At every step, we undertake documentation to back up our findings.
  • We address the issue of mold growth. Even when it appears that the water extraction and drying have been thorough, mold may still lurk. We recommend environmentally friendly mold remediation agents that retard and stop the spread of mold. Additionally, we remove tell-tale odor via our comprehensive deodorization program.
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  • Further, fire walls, computer systems and industrial furnishings found at industrial and business sites demand unique sanitization methods, understood only by professionals trained to handle industrial and large-site water damage challenges. Say the word “commercial” when you call (562) 340-6282 and BEST Long Beach is on the job fast.

  • Our commercial equipment is designed to for company, office, building or institution cleanup jobs. From sophisticated moisture meters to massive drying and dehumidifying equipment designed for commercial use, we know that clean-up is the least of your worries if, for example, water floods a residential building where tenants have the right to bring legal action if they become sick due to ineffectual clean-up protocols. You have a lot at risk. We appreciate that and want you to know that you can count on our expertise.