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Fire & Smoke Damage

It’s your worst nightmare: A fire erupts, you call firefighters, escape your home and pray for the best possible outcome. But when the trucks pull out, you’re left with both fire and smoke damage. You’re grateful everyone is safe—and may even get philosophical, saying say that possessions can be replaced but lives can’t.

But you need more than philosophy. You need a team that prides itself on getting the BEST in Long Beach team to happily answer your questions. Our number is (562) 340-6282 call at any hour of the day or night.

Not every fire cleanup service sees two problems when called to a scene. Fire damage is evident. Smoke and soot are insidious. They seep into walls, fixtures, possessions and belongings, lingering after your residential property has been restored to “visual health.” Without proper cleanup methods and products, smoke and soot can lurk undetected in walls, ceilings, paper, plastics and wood.

  • We respond to your 24/7 emergency call to (562) 340-6282 immediately, arriving so quickly.
  • We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to determine evident and hidden damage.
  • We estimate the time and effort it will take to cleanup your fire-related damage.
  • Using industrial-grade equipment, we siphon out standing water.
  • We employ heavy-duty air movers and dehumidifiers to undertake the drying process.
  • We undertake emergency board-up tasks and assess structure stabilization if necessary.
  • We help you decide what’s salvageable and what isn’t based on our fire and smoke damage expertise.
  • Odor removal associated with smoke is addressed in conjunction with deodorization and air purification measures. We pay particular attention to duct work that acts as part of your home’s air distribution system.
  • A final inspection plus the applications of environmentally friendly mold remediation agents complete the clean-up and restoration process.
  • We may also take deodorization action to remove remaining odor so rooms meet your sanitation standards.
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  • Consider us part of your first-response team!

    Why do we consider ourselves part of your first-response team? Because our response rate is immediate, so dialing (562) 340-6282 means we’re on the way. Once the danger is past and firefighters pull out of the trenches, you don’t have to feel abandoned, alone and scared. BEST LONG BEACH remains by your side.

  • Whether you need assistance dealing with your insurance company representative or you have questions about restoring your property to its former healthy clean environment, we’ve got answers. Sure, we arrived because we know how much you need help, but that doesn’t mean we never want to hear from you once the job is done! We stay in touch. So should you Call (562) 340-6282 any time you need us